1. Accomplish and print our complaint protocol and fill it.

2: Merchandise forwarded without cash on delivery to our address.

Central adress
O & T Slovakia s.r.o.
Bratislavská 2640/9
94901 Nitra


The buyer's right to claim the defective goods

if there is an error on the purchased goods, the buyer is entitled to exercise rights from liability for defects of goods (advertising it). Shop manager or authorized officer shall decide after examining the complaint immediately, in complicated cases within three days. This period does not include the time required for expert assessment errors.
The customer may defective goods delivered to the address O & T Slovakia sro Bratislavská 2640/9, 94901 Nitra. Facilities may not last longer than 30 (thirty) days. The buyer is not entitled to the claimed defects for which a discount was granted and on which it informed the seller. 

The seller

the sale of goods to citizens seller is responsible for ensuring that the product has the desired quality, quantity, rate and weight. It must be free from defects and shall meet the technical standards. The seller is responsible for defects of the goods sold on receipt of goods and for defects that occur after receipt of the goods within the warranty period. U already used things not the seller for defects caused by their use, wear and tear or improper treatment.

Place the claim

Claim applied buyers shop where the goods were purchased. For the purpose of purchasing via the internet means the selling O & T Slovakia sro, Bratislava 2640/9, 94901 Nitra. Buyers purchase demonstrates the relevant proof of purchase and if it is a product with extended warranty and confirmed letter of guarantee. When the interim closing, if necessary. revocation of an establishment shall make a claim in the establishment, which is listed on a display of transition eventually closed. abolition of the facility.

The warranty period

conditions for the recognition of the claim is to be applied within the warranty period. The warranty period is 24 (twenty four) months from the date of receipt by the buyer. If a product has a longer warranty period, the seller must give the buyer in the sale of a duly completed and certified warranty certificate, which specifies the conditions and scope of this guarantee. If the inquiry equip the buyer in exchange for the defective goods flawless applies to new product warranty period after receipt of the new goods. The same applies if there is a replacement of the component or the component to which the guarantee is provided. 

Cancellation of orders

Orders can be canceled only before registration or sending order Christmas. If the order was already packed and sent order can no longer be canceled and the customer is liable to transpose it on commercial terms. 

Removable errors

Removable errors are considered errors of goods, the removal of which suffer appearance, function and quality of the goods. In the case of removable defects, the buyer may require:
a) free, proper and timely removal of defects
b) the exchange of the defective part or Part if the defects relate only to part or Part
C) the exchange of goods if this has not been used

unrecoverable error

in the case of unrecoverable errors which preclude the goods to be used properly, the buyer may require replacement of the defective goods for faultless. Unless exchange defective goods for faultless by the seller is not possible, the buyer may request cancellation of the contract and refund.

Complaint offered a discount

if the buyer asks for a discount, the claim can be equipped with its provision. Discount on the goods is provided if it is the unavoidable defects that do not prevent proper use of the goods according to its destination. In determining the amount of the reduction will take into account the range of errors of the claimed goods. 

Unfounded claims to the exit

at the exit to the unjustified claim, the seller is entitled to demand the payment of costs associated with exit. The Seller also reserves the right not to return the money for such goods and the right not to confuse it for other goods.

Final Provisions

This Complaints Procedure shall enter into force on 5/12 2015

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